Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Free Kindle Children's E-Books

My hubby got me a Kindle Fire for Christmas! I am loving it.  I've also been anxious to read more children's books on e-readers in full color.  I get to do research while enjoying beautiful covers and illustrations.

There are some great FREE kindle children's books. Here are a few worth checking out:

  • Snowed in Together by Ann Herrick - YA, (free for a limited time.) 
  • Garbage! Monster! Burp! by Tom Watson - Picture Book. A fun story with environmentally friendly theme. It is told in verse and very charming. There's a few words and phrases that might be over the head of its audience, but they can be explained easily enough!
  • Easy Gingerbread Tiki Hut by Lisa Turner Anderson - Craft Book. Teaches kids and parents how to build a no-bake gingerbread tiki-hut.  
  • Girls to the Rescue: The Royal Joust by Bruce Lansky

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Susanna Hill's Holiday Writing Contest

Author Susanna Leonard Hill is having a Holiday writing contest where you could win prizes!
Be creative and write a post with your own version (350 words or less) of The Night Before Christmas (it can be about any winter holiday).  Please visit Ms. Hill’s website for all the details HERE.
My entry is posted below.  I have been interested in writing a picture book about the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal for quite some time, but have not done it yet.  So, for my entry today the monk seal takes center stage, as I play around with the idea of what a monk seal might want for Christmas. Enjoy!!

A Monk Seal’s Christmas Wish
Christine Marie Alemshah

Twas the day before Christmas, when on the small isle,
A monk seal landed ashore, on a sand pile.
The hotel staff prepared yellow tape, 
As onlookers all stared, gasped, and gaped.

The monk seal stayed all day and all night.
He was even there at the first Christmas light.
“What could a monk seal want for Christmas?” asked a small girl.
“Some fish, or shave ice, or maybe a pearl?”

She pondered and pondered, but then soon forgot, 
As she went to her room to see want Santa brought.
A stocking full of treats and trimmings,
A teddy bear, and new fins for swimming.

She busied her day with family and good cheer.
And sang her very best, “Rudolph the Reindeer.”
At dinner, she ate til her tummy might burst,
And then was filled with a very great thirst.

She walked on the beach sipping hot cider,
When she noticed the monk seal right there beside her.
The little girl still had no clue.
“Mr. Monk Seal, what can I do for you?”

Finally, at day’s end, something came from the sea.
A big wiggly shape plopped near a palm tree.
Can it be -- another monk seal?
The little girl thought she might squeal.

She was happy to see the seal got his wish,
And hoped that the two could share yummy fish.
She snuck away quietly, til she was out of sight,
and whispered, “Merry Christmas Monk Seals! Have a Good-night!”

Thursday, December 1, 2011

PiBoIdMo: I'm a Winner!

From Tara Lazar's PiBoIdMo site:
I do solemnly swear that I have faithfully executed the PiBoIdMo 30-ideas-in-30-days challenge, and will, to the best of my ability, parlay my ideas into picture book manuscripts.

Signed: Christine Marie Alemshah

Phew!! I can't believe I made it through! In 30 Days I have managed to come up with 32 picture book ideas. It was much harder than I thought it would be.  The first two weeks were smooth sailing.  Then, thanksgiving week came and it was like my ideas were separated from my brain by a brick wall.  (It probably didn't help my mushy brain spending the week in Kauai.  My whole body felt like jello!)  Luckily some days I had multiple ideas, which helped make up for my idea-free days.  I also came up with some fun Hawaii inspired ideas.

I am in love with exactly 1 of my 32 ideas.  I am hoping that will change at some point, but for now I'm going to focus on that story.  Wish me luck!